For Landlord

Our Values:

  • At Pemberley Realty, our core values drive business daily.
  • We consistently aim to Deliver our Best by doing the basics of our business superbly well. We deliver rapid response for time-sensitive deadlines.
  • We Distinguish ourselves in the marketplace through Creativity which adds value to our services. We strive to be innovative and flexible with each and every client and stay ahead of industry trends.
Exceeding Expectation

  • We take pride to have a division within our company that concentrates exclusively on the needs of our clients who have investment properties. We have many years of experience in successfully managing rental properties. Our mission is to serve our client’s best interest by making sure their properties are properly maintained and continuously rented to maximize income for our clients.
  • We promise to act in the best interest of our clients. Our Commitment to each other is something we take personally. We work for you.

What it takes to rent your property

Here are the steps we take to make sure we achieve the highest level of satisfaction and success with our property management accounts:

Marketing and Advertising for a New Tenant:

  • Sign the property management agreement with our client (the homeowner) to make sure we have the authority to act on behalf of our clients.
  • Prepare the property so it is ready to be rented. We have a crew of professionals and service people who can help us prepare the unit and get it ready to be presented to potential renters.
  • As part of our commitment to bring in the most amount of rent for our clients, we make sure that the unit is in the best condition possible so we are able to get the quality tenants who will pay the highest amount of rent and are consistent with their payments.

Maximizing Exposure For Your Property in Today’s Marketplace

  • We take pictures of the unit and make sure the unit is presentable and shows well to attract quality tenants.
  • We advertise extensively through traditional advertising methods, internet advertising, social media, and open houses, to generate the most amount of exposure and collect several applications for the unit.
  • We do thorough screening of all applications to make sure they have excellent credit, stable jobs as well as reliable references.
  • Once an applicant is chosen, we meet with the applicant, sign the rental agreement, and collect their deposit as a cashier’s check.

Creative Marketing Ideas

More Exposure For Your Property

Innovative New Technologies to Rent Your Property

  • We are constantly working to market your property in new ways:

  • Reoccupying the property

    We strongly believe in our mission and our purpose as a property manager. Our role is to maintain the property and assure its desirability and to continuously have renters to maximize profit for our clients. In order to achieve this goal, we are quite aggressive to market the property once a notice to vacate is given. We are also quite aggressive in maintaining the property in its best shape. A vacant property does not serve anyone any purpose. It is against the interest of the landlord to keep the property vacant. It is against our interest if the property remains vacant as we cannot collect our fees. It is against the welfare of the property as well as the community if it remains vacant as it may attract nuisance as well as vandals to the property. To assure the property is constantly rented, we believe it needs to be maintained and be marketed. We pride ourselves in making sure both these areas are covered.

    Move in Inspection Process:

    Next step is to meet the new tenant at the property. We conduct a move in-move out inspection and take pictures of the whole unit with date and time stamped on the pictures. This way we have a written and a visual record of how the unit looked prior to the tenant moving in. Keys are given to the tenant at this point. Keys are never given prior to our company conducting a thorough inspection of the unit with the tenant.

    Day to Day Operation and Maintenance of Properties:

  • Our most important role as a property management company is to make sure the rent is collected and delivered to the landlord in a timely manner as well as to make sure the property is well maintained and well cared for.
  • We conduct periodic checks on the property to make sure the property is kept in the best of shape.
  • Any repairs or maintenance issues are handled through our trusted repair personnel with our close management oversight. The visits by the repair crew to the property are scheduled directly between the repair crew and the tenants to maximize efficiency and response time and reduce liability by having tenants handle the entry of service crew into their personal space. In the case that a tenant is not available to meet the service crew, we facilitate the entry via prior consent from the tenant.

  • Pemberley Realty’s Addendum

  • Our Pemberley Realty addendum is a document that we have put together overtime. This document supplements the California Association of Realtor’s rental agreement. This is a comprehensive document that addresses all the issues that we have come across dealing with various tenants throughout the years. It addresses every issue from lost keys to drainage clogs and how each case is handled efficiently and without incident.
  • It is important to note that dealing with property issues, various tenants and various cases that may arise, requires an incredible amount of patience, professionalism, and experience. We pride ourselves in being efficient, professional and knowledgeable to address the concern of our clients, landlords, as well as our patrons, tenants in each individual case.
  • Move out Inspections:
  • Once a tenant furnishes us with their written notice to vacate, we start marketing the property for new prospective tenants. This right is established at the time a tenant moves in. They are presented with a notice to establish our right to market the property to find a new tenant and to show the property with 24 hour prior notice.
  • Move out inspections are conducted with the departing tenant and one of our staff members. The notes on the move in-move out inspection form are compared as well as the pictures taken before and after to determine if there was any damage resulted from tenant’s conduct. The deposit is returned within 21 days of the date of tenant’s departure. Any deductions that were taken from the tenant are returned to the owner to rectify any damage that may have occurred.

  • Our Contract With You!

  • We want your business.
  • We want to serve you time after time.
  • We strive to earn your satisfaction.
  • We will expose your property through our proven methods.
  • Time is of the essence. If the property is not rented within 30 days, we will revisit the comps and reduce accordingly.